I can say with 100% confidence that every member of our team truly believes Real Estate is a relationship business, not a “sales” business. Don’t misunderstand, we love helping people BUY and SELL their homes, but what we love more is the relationships we forge with our clients. We love sitting down with you over coffee and explaining the in’s and out’s of the current market. We love touring your home and discussing the steps to prepare your house to be listed. We love meeting with you at the lenders office and answering questions about what the next 60 days will look like as you find your dream home, make an offer and eventually close on the next step in your lives.

What we don’t like to do is call and email strangers all day asking them if they are interested in buying or selling a home. We don’t like to spend thousands of dollars a month to advertise online, in magazines, and on billboards. We certainly don’t like substituting technology for personal communication and the personal touch. This is why we work by referral, and why relationships with friends and family are so important to us. In order for us to be able to provide the level of service we strive to deliver, we can’t afford to spend a good portion of our day soliciting new business. We need our past clients, our advocates, our friends and our family to refer us anytime they know of someone buying or selling a home. The more people you can tell about us, the more time we can spend helping your friends and family achieve their home buying and selling goals. So…if you know anyone who is considering buying or selling, please ask them if you can give us their contact information. We will take the same great care of them as we would of you.